Investment Services for Trustees

Being a trustee comes with a range of specific responsibilities and duties which relate to the servicing and administration of trust assets. If you have been appointed a trustee, or are considering putting a trust in place, we provide the support, guidance and peace of mind you need to set up a trust, or act as a trustee.

Whether the trust is for a charity, a family settlement or a pension scheme we provide advice on the suitability of investments, notify you of potential legislation changes and ensure you are aware of your ongoing legal responsibilities and obligations. We offer regular reviews and reporting to the trustees based on pre-agreed requirements.

As a trustee you also have the choice to have the investment assets within the trust managed on a Discretionary, Transactional or Advisory basis. If the preferred choice is Discretionary this will be done using our own Active Investment Management service, Reflex.

Trust Review Service

We offer both an Overview and Full Review service for trusts.

The Overview service is a simple initial investment review designed to enable trustees of more straightforward trusts to meet their obligations in relation to investment matters.

The Full Review is a detailed process which considers both the investment and trust objectives. A comprehensive report is written highlighting recommendations for an investment strategy and the use of the most appropriate tax vehicles.

To find out how we can help you with your trust duties and responsibilities, please contact us.

Please note: The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate trusts.