What our clients say

We think this one of the best things we have ever done. We know our money is in safe hands and very happy to continue having the fantastic team at Laver Wealth working for us.

Trevor and Bette Kerridge

I was recommended the services of Laver Wealth (formerly Laver Financial) by a friend in 1999. It is a clear testament to the integrity and reliability of the team that both my friend and I are still using their services over sixteen years later. Derrick is always more than helpful, taking the time and trouble to explain my investments in the clearest way possible. I feel secure knowing that my best interests are being looked after.

Julia Counsell

We have been looked after by Laver Wealth for many years now. We have always had complete and total confidence in their professionalism and expert advice. We believe their performance against challenging market conditions has been excellent and this has allowed us to make solid plans for the future. We are very grateful for this and so thankful that friends recommended the friendly and first class team at Laver Wealth to us. We can only to the same to others.

Charles and Jackie Evans

Derrick, on every visit we had everything explained very clearly and with great attention to detail, we felt reassured that you would all do your very best for us. Yourself and the members of your team made us feel very welcome whilst remaining totally professional, we would not hesitate to highly recommend Laver Wealth to others.

Robert and Sandra Bryant

We have been clients of Laver Wealth for over 5 years, during this time we have received professional and trustworthy advice. Derrick has guided us through the financial market in order to work out the best choices for our investments. The people working with him are very friendly and helpful and together they make a thoroughly efficient team. We have already recommended Laver Wealth to our friends and will continue to do so.

Gordon and Beryl Robert

When visiting your office I got a strong impression of team atmosphere. This is something I value highly in an organisation and it is reassuring to feel we are dealing with a tight supportive team.

Geoff Todd and Hilary Speight

Professional, friendly, competent and trustworthy.

Ian and Teresa Pitt

A very professional atmosphere. We felt confident that we were dealing with someone very knowledgeable in their field.

Neil and Linda Lammond

The very helpful and friendly staff contribute to making the experience comfortable and rewarding. Thanks to you all.

Tim Baker

Laver Wealth have always provided me with excellent advice and service. On both pensions and investments their thorough knowledge of the markets and attention to detail has always produced growth beyond my expectations. Very professional, yet friendly and polite I would be pleased to recommend Laver Wealth.

Richard Casey – Director of Horizon Utilities Supplies Ltd

Your advice works, and as said before I wish I had known and trusted Derrick earlier, given my cynical view of most 'financial experts'! His approach of going through everything, means the rest is plain sailing for the many years to come.

Robert and Gill Henry

Laver Wealth are friendly and courteous a very professional company to deal with. The service you give to us is excellent, thank you.

Ron and Anita Croud

Laver Wealth is a friendly and efficient company. Derrick and the team make sure any information given is understood and are happy to answer any other questions I may have.

Sheila Sen

When first introduced to Derrick nearly 20 years ago, I believed I didn’t need advice for two reasons – first, I knew it all and secondly I didn’t think I had enough money to warrant advice. Now 20 years on I am pleased to have been introduced to Derrick, he is my financial compass. Like all compasses they are no good unless you trust them and I trust Derrick 100%. He always gives me solid advice, he is never dictatorial or autocratic, and it’s wonderful to feel relaxed knowing Derrick has my best interests in mind. Laver Wealth is a lovely professional organisation to do business with and that is something special these days.

Patrick McGuire

Since opting to use Reflex – we’re on top, in control and smiling thanks to Laver Wealth's professionalism, knowledge, friendliness and practical good sense!

Stuart Haines

We have used Laver Wealth to help manage our money for over 10 years. We are very pleased with the advice we receive. Courteous, knowledgeable people who are always approachable. Our wealth has grown steadily as a result of the advice from Laver Wealth.

Penny and Stephen Lake

It has been nearly 20 years since our first dealings with Laver Wealth. My husband and I have nothing but praise for the professionalism shown not only by Derrick but all of his team.

Janis Dall

Laver Wealth have been advising me on all manner of financial aspects for over 20 years. In an uncertain financial climate it is imperative that you have a clear financial strategy and total trust in the people who will be working to meet it. I have been very impressed with the results that have been achieved by the team at Laver Wealth.

David and Susan Sprague

Derrick has always been very personable and approachable. I am very happy with the all round service I have received from Laver Wealth. I feel reassured that my money is in safe hands and being looked after for my family’s future.

James and Kate Cemlyn-Jones

As we had already experienced Laver Wealth's service capabilities whilst looking after my sister’s affairs, we were more than happy for them to manage our finances. Over the years we have found the staff extremely efficient, helpful and patient when explaining complex procedures. We have been so pleased with the service we have received that we had no doubts about recommending Laver Wealth to our son.

David and Jenny Cheale

We started dealing with Derrick a few years ago after a family recommendation and it’s been a very positive experience. We have every confidence in the Laver Financial team and it’s been well worth letting the experts manage our investments. The personal service provided by Derrick and his team has been outstanding, always courteous and responsive without ever being “pushy”. I have recommended them to friends and colleagues and will continue to do so.

Graham Cheale and Dr Janice Peters

We have depended upon Laver Wealth for wise and helpful advice and service for 20 years, giving us peace of mind and confidence in the management of our savings. We have always felt that suggestions are made in our best interests and have never doubted the integrity of the counsel. We can wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend Laver Wealth and thank the team for their unfailing support.

Pam and Duncan Crawshaw

Derrick Laver has been our Financial Advisor for many years and has always been consistent with his advice even through the rough financial times. Recently we have transferred to the Reflex service which is working very well. We are pleased with the results. Over the years we have got to know Derrick personally, and have complete faith in his judgement. We would not hesitate to recommend anyone seeking financial advice to use Laver Wealth.

Molly and Paul Higgs

We have known Derrick since he started Laver Wealth. He always listens to us and does his very best for us. He really does know and care about his clients.

David and Pauline Wynne

We look forward to dealing with Laver Wealth for many years to come and would recommend the company to anyone wanting a professional, supportive and friendly service.

Ray and Beverley Cook

We have always found Derrick to be professional, courteous and smart in his appearance which matches the way he manages our investments!

David and Delia Cox