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Ruby – Pupdate 2

Posted 10th November 2020

Ruby has grown in maturity over the last few months. When she arrived with her trainers she was very energetic – she has calmed down a bit but is still an inquisitive puppy. Ruby is being trained with Tommy a retired guide dog which is helping her learn the skills she needs going forward.

Ruby has continued to practise her lead work. Guide dogs are trained to walk on the left side of their owner, so they have their right hand free, Ruby’s now mastered walking on the left – it has become second nature to her. Although Covid-19 has restricted the number of places Ruby can be taken, this hasn’t impacted on her training at all. She behaves remarkably well in supermarkets and shops; she can sit patiently without getting distracted by loud noises.

When her training is complete, Ruby will become more than a companion, she will give her owner the freedom and independence to live the life they choose. We look forward to following her journey as she progresses.




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