Reflex – Proactively managing your investments

Planning for your financial security is vital. As an investor you face a number of challenges, one of which is time, the time to research the myriad of options you have and make the right choices.

We recognised this challenge and developed Reflex, our own Discretionary Investment Management service. Reflex incorporates the method we use on a daily basis to actively manage the underlying funds within your investments. The funds can be held in any number of plans, for example: Pensions, ISAs, Investment Bonds or Unit Trusts.

What does this mean for you?

Becoming a Reflex client means you pass the responsibility of making those time critical investment decisions to us, therefore giving you time to get on with life.

One of the most important steps we take is to determine your attitude to investment risk and expectation of growth. Establishing this helps us when plotting your financial journey, we use this information to assess which of our portfolios would best suit you.

How Reflex works

We use the following processes to run Reflex, these allow us to regularly monitor the underlying funds within your investments, and so ensure we continue to meet your objectives:

  • Daily investment research
  • Weekly investment meetings
  • Regular asset allocation strategy reviews
  • Fund selection to optimise growth
  • Actively moving a portion of the portfolio in and out of the stock market to capture value
  • Rebalancing portfolios where required

How do we keep you in the picture?

At three monthly intervals you will receive a report giving you a current valuation, a summary of the events in the global financial markets during recent months and our market outlook for the forthcoming period.

Contact us to discuss how we can help and support you.