Planning for your retirement

The journey to retirement – planning for income to maintain your lifestyle

At some point most of us will stop earning – usually because we reach a certain age but sometimes owing to poor health. We all view retirement in different ways, for some it is a time in life to far away to comprehend, for others it is on the horizon.

Whatever your thoughts, the one constant is we all need an income to ensure we can maintain our lifestyle.

Planning for this period in life is essential. There are numerous ways funding for an income in retirement can be achieved. Pensions have traditionally been the accepted choice of vehicle for retirement planning. However, there are a number of choices and ways of saving, the important consideration is they are structured and managed appropriately to provide you the income you require when the day finally arrives.

We can provide the knowledge and experience to bring clarity to what often seems a complex issue.

With the changes to pension rules, reviewing existing pension arrangements is imperative. This is the first step we take when helping you plan your journey to retirement. We will assess if your existing plans are competitive and working appropriately for you. From here we can suggest solutions, for now and the years to come and work with you to ensure you achieve your end income goal.

We have the knowledge and experience of working in the following areas:

  • The establishment of Personal Pensions – advice on appropriate contribution levels, pension transfers and tax position
  • Ongoing active management of underlying funds within various pension schemes under our Reflex service
  • Income Drawdown – setting up and managing the funds in payment
  • Small Self Administered Scheme (SSAS) and Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) – how to maximise the benefits of each scheme
  • Purchase of Annuities and Open Market Options

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