Solutions for trustees, deputies and attorneys

Over the years we have built a strong reputation investing money on behalf of trustees, deputies and attorneys. Our expertise has earned us the respect and trust from those we represent. Laver Wealth’s investment management service – Reflex, involves more than simply putting the financial plans in place, of equal importance is being able to monitor and adapt these over time to meet the objectives of the trustees, and the changing needs of the beneficiaries and the person being cared for under a deputyship order.

Being a trustee comes with a range of specific responsibilities and duties which relate to the servicing, administration and safeguarding of trust assets. If you have been appointed a trustee, or are considering putting a trust in place, we provide the support, guidance and peace of mind you need to set up a trust, or act as a trustee.

Whether the trust is for a charity, a family settlement or you are a corporate trustee, we provide advice on the suitability of investments and ensure you are aware of your ongoing responsibilities and obligations. We offer regular reviews and reporting to the trustees based on pre-agreed requirements.

 – Our proactive investment management service

Underpinning all our advice is our Discretionary Investment Service – Reflex. It incorporates the methodology we use on a day to day basis in the active management of the underlying investment funds held within the trust. Discretionary means that you give us the authority to make changes, as and when necessary, to the funds held without contacting you each time. Everything we do is time critical as we seek to capture growth or take profits when an opportunity presents itself.

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Please note: The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate trusts.