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Managing your money today with tomorrow in mind

Planning for Life’s Changes

Life brings changes, challenges and opportunities. Dealing with saved, unexpected or inherited money requires wise choices. As an investor you face a number of hurdles, one of which is the time to research the myriad of options available to you.

Laver Wealth’s expertise and knowledge can support you to make the best decisions, ensuring your money is appropriately invested to suit your particular context.

Everyone is different, we will meet with you to get to know and understand your aspirations, situation and what matters to you. We are then in a position to guide and support you to manage your money, meet your requirements and plan for anticipated or unexpected changes.

Do you need Proactive Investment Management?

Have you accumulated money over time?
Inherited wealth?
Recently sold or planning to sell your business?
Thinking of passing on your wealth?
How well is your pension performing?
Do you have a pension lump sum or unexpected resources to deal with?

Proactive Investment Management

Getting the most from your money

However you have acquired your wealth it is important to get the most from it. Putting in place the financial plans is just the beginning, ensuring they work in your best interests to deliver favourable results throughout your lifetime is imperative. We can provide the knowledge and experience to bring clarity to what often seems a complex issue. Listening to you is the key to building trust, delivering tangible outcomes, reassurance and the peace of mind you require.

Planning for income to maintain your lifestyle

At some point most of us will stop earning or at least reduce our time working. We all view this period of life in different ways, for some it is a time far in the future, for others it is on the horizon.

Whatever your thoughts, the one constant is the need for income and to ensure you have the most effective strategy to achieve it.

Pensions have traditionally been the accepted choice of vehicle for retirement planning. However, there are numerous options and ways of saving, the important consideration is to ensure that your wealth is proactively managed whilst providing the income you require.

Passing on wealth

You have worked hard throughout life to accumulate and preserve your wealth. Passing this on in the most effective way is of paramount importance.

You want to ensure your assets will pass securely to the next generation; planning this takes much thought and expertise to ensure the right solutions meet your future wishes and at the same time ensuring your own lifestyle and plans are not compromised.

We consider the practical issues, but of equal importance is understanding the emotional side of making significant, often irrevocable decisions. Sometimes financial considerations are not the most important ones.

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