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Proactive Investment Management

It has never been more important to plan for your financial security. At the same time there has never been more investment choice. As an investor, you face a myriad of options and issues if you manage your own financial affairs. Through our work with clients over the years we have recognised this and developed our Discretionary Portfolio Management service.

How it Works

Our Discretionary Portfolio Management service incorporates the methodology we use on a day to day basis in the management of your portfolio.

It is underpinned by a discretionary mandate. Discretionary means you give us the authority to make changes, as and when necessary, to the funds held within your portfolio, without contacting you each time. Everything we do is time critical, as we seek to capture growth or take profits when an opportunity presents itself. Behind the scenes we work continually on your behalf.

Peace of Mind

Our dedicated professional service provides you with the peace of mind that your portfolio is being regularly reviewed and adjusted in an ever-changing world to stay in line with your objectives.

Specialist Fund Managers

Our expertise together with the extensive research we carry out, allows us to cut through the bewildering choice of investments available today. Enabling us to build your portfolio with carefully chosen fund managers, and blend them in the most effective way.

Comprehensive Reporting

On a quarterly basis you will receive a comprehensive report from us and more importantly have access to the team at Laver Wealth whenever you would like us to reappraise your circumstances.

Investment Committee Meetings

"Successful investing is anticipating the anticipations of others"

The Investment Committee play an essential role in the way that our investment philosophy is implemented and maintained.

Here's how we do it

Your attitude to risk is all important, and after a thorough discussion an appropriate level of risk will be agreed with you. This enables the most suitable portfolio to be constructed on your behalf.

Then, through regular monitoring of the investments within your portfolio, we ensure the outcomes continue to meet your plans. We achieve this by adopting the following process:

Daily investment research

Information gathering, fund manager meetings and the evaluation of macro-economic events are just some of the methods used to continually monitor and appraise global investment markets.

Weekly investment meetings

Laver Wealth’s investment committee meets to bring all our research together to analyse and interpret global economic events. We carefully cross check and adjust as necessary the performance of the building blocks held within your portfolio.

Asset allocation strategy reviews

Asset allocation is the blueprint for your portfolio whereby we determine how much should be invested in stocks and shares or fixed interest instruments for instance. It provides the diversification necessary at all times to help manage and control investment risk.

Fund selection to optimise growth

Analytical software, our own independent research, professional qualifications and years of experience, enable us to select and blend a variety of specialist funds and fund managers, to continually optimise returns whilst managing and controlling the agreed level of risk.

Capturing value in the stock market

At certain times we may feel it is important to reduce your exposure to stocks and shares by tactically switching to cash. This helps to protect your portfolio in times of volatility and some ‘dry powder’ for us to re-enter to market at lower valuation points.

Rebalancing portfolios

We will typically re-set the asset allocation of your portfolio at least once a year to ensure that your agreed risk level is maintained.

Ethical Investing

Each of our risk managed portfolios has an ethical alternative should you hold firm beliefs and a desire to avoid investing in certain sectors. Our investment process allows your specific views to be fully taken into consideration when building the most appropriate investment portfolio for you.

What is ESG ?

At Laver Wealth, we define ESG investing as the consideration of environmental, social and governance factors alongside financial factors and personal circumstances in the investment decision-making process. The world is changing rapidly and its interdependence and interconnectivity are accelerating at an exponential pace. These significant changes require new approaches to investing that take into account notions of sustainable finance.

Much work is currently being carried out across the industry to standardise the ESG rating of Fund Management Groups, individual fund managers and companies alike. This work together with our own due diligence has already begun and will continue to influence the way in which we at Laver Wealth construct and manage all client portfolios.

As a client you will have access to daily valuations of your portfolio and every three months you will receive a report giving you a valuation and full breakdown of your portfolio.

If you would like to discuss your situation call our team on 01934 645511 or Get in touch